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60-year-old man driving van with ‘sex drugs rock and roll’ written on it gets arrested for drug dealing

By Mason White 11:27 AM April 28, 2017
Bradley Kellman
Bradley Kellman
By: Emily Lewis

A man is accused of selling drugs from a van with the words “sex drugs rock and roll” written on it.

Police in California, pulled over the driver of the van, where they found meth, knives, tear gas and evidence of drug sales, police said.

60-year-old Bradley Kellman of Santa Cruz, was identified as the driver of the van. His license was suspended from a previous conviction for DUI and his registration tags were fake, according to police.

A Santa Cruz police officer first pulled over Kellman in his white Dodge Ram van at 10:30 p.m., because its brake lights were out and the truck was not registered.

The officer soon spotted a large knife in the center console, and called for backup. When additional units arrived, they deployed strips of spikes in front of the van’s tires.

On officer recognized the suspect as Bradley Kellman, who has a history with the police. A sergeant on duty was able to convince Kelleman to get out of the van.

Soon, a police K9 alerted officers to narcotics in the vehicle.

A search of the van resulted in the officers finding $1,400 in cash, packing material for the sale of drugs, over 6 grams of meth, electronic scale, several knives and tear gas.

Kellman was arrested on a number of charges, including transporting, selling and possessing methamphetamine.