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Man kills younger brother for trying to have sex with his girlfriend

By Mason White 3:24 PM April 30, 2017
Woman sitting at lake (illustration)
Woman sitting at lake (illustration)
By: Mason White

Police are looking to arrest a man on a charge of murder after allegedly killing his brother during a fight over a woman, according to police in Nigeria.

Abia police said that the argument over the woman turned deadly when the older brother pulled out a knife and stabbed his younger brother.

According to the police investigation, over a period of several months, the older brother had a sexual relationship with the woman, who was not identified.

At some point, the older brother began suspecting that his younger brother took an interest on the woman.

The suspect confronted the younger brother, who claimed that the woman was his girlfriend all along and he should have her all to himself.

The older brother became furious, and pulled out a knife. Her stabbed his younger brother numerous times, and fled from the scene.

By the time help arrived, the younger brother was already dead from his injuries. So far, no arrests have been made.