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Police officer offers prostitute chicken McNuggets in exchange for sex

By Mason White 3:19 PM April 30, 2017
Alex Direeno
Alex Direeno
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A prostitute is behind bars after agreeing to have sex with a police officer in exchange for cash and McDonald’s chicken McNuggets, according to police in Florida.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested 22-year-old Alex Direeno, after being accused of prostitution and being in possession of drug paraphernalia during a prostitution sting operation.

Direeno has been charged with one count each of prostitution and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was booked into the Manatee County jail, and her bail has been set at $620.

According to the criminal complaint, the undercover police officer pulled into the Marathon gas station located at 2009 14th Street West, in Bradenton.

The officer began talking with a woman, and during the conversation, Direeno walked out of the gas station convenience store and waved at him.

The officer told the woman that he was there to pick up Direeno, and the woman left the car. The officer then told Direeno, that he wanted sex.

After some bargaining, Direeno agreed to perform a sex act in exchange for $25 and chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s. The officer then drove to the take down location, where Direeno was arrested.

During a search of her purse, police found 2 hypodermic needles, small bags, a spoon and a burned glass pipe.