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Man marries his sweetheart after she was attacked with acid for refusing neighbor’s advances

By Mason White 12:56 PM May 1, 2017
Kavita Baruni and Nitesh Verma
Kavita Baruni and Nitesh Verma
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A woman of India, got married to the love of her life after she went through years of pain and suffering since she was attacked by with acid.

26-year-old Kavita Baruni of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, said that her neighbor, 25-year-old Saif, wanted to marry her, but she refused his advances.

Instead, Baruni said that she met Nitesh Verma, 27, at work in 2011, and the two fell in love.

They had a wonderful relationship. However, Baruni’s neighbor became very jealous of her boyfriend and he said that if he cannot marry her, nobody will.

One day, Saif and another man attacked Baruni, and poured acid over her face.

Baruni suffered severe injuries. The acid caused her face and scalp to melt. She was rushed to a hospital, where she underwent three reconstructive surgeries.

Baruni said that she became very depressed and lost her will to live, but her boyfriend stood at her side and encouraged her to fight for her life and get better.

He also encouraged her to file charges against her attackers. Baruni said that when her family learned about her plans to have their neighbor arrested, they disowned her and ordered her to leave their home.

Despite being disfigured, Verma proposed to Baruni, and the two got married with close friends and her medical team at her side.

Baruni said that she misses her parents and it is unfortunate that they were not with her on her special day, but she is grateful that her brother chose to attend her wedding.

Saif was charged with the crime and he is awaiting trial.