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Police officers complete pizza delivery to customer after store employee crashed car and was hospitalized

By Mason White 3:03 PM May 1, 2017
Food (illustration)
Food (illustration)
By: William Martin

A hungry customer was surprised when police officers arrived at his door.

The officers were not there to arrest or question anyone.

Instead, they came to hand the customer a pizza. Police in Berlin, Germany, explained that they came to the aid of a pizza delivery driver who crashed his car in Gaggenau, and was unable to complete his delivery.

According to the police report, the 46-year-old driver was on his way to deliver the food when he accidentally hit another car.

Both drivers were injured and required treatment. They were transported to a hospital.

In a statement, police said that after dealing with the accident scene, the officers were able to deliver the “shaken but still edible pizzas” to the customers.