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Man who devoted his time to warn people about dangers of sharks got attacked and killed by one

By Mason White 12:54 PM May 1, 2017
Adrien Dubosc
Adrien Dubosc
By: Mason White

A man who loved water sports and devoted his time to warn people about the danger of sharks, was attacked and killed by one.

28-year-old Adrien Dubosc was killed after being attacked by a shark at the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean.

Dubosc was part of the Shark Watch Patrol, which looks out for sharks and warns others of danger. The group is dedicated to cutting down on the amount of shark deaths on the island.

Dubosc, who lived in Saint-Leu, was at the beach with his friends and family. He went into the water with two of his friends when a shark suddenly attacked him.

He was bitten on his thigh and his groin area as his family and other horrified beach goers watched. Emergency workers pulled Dubosc from the water and performed CPR.

Sadly, he died a half hour later of a heart attack. The death came two months after Dubosc’s close friend, Alexandre Naussac, 26, who is also a trained shark spotter, was attacked and killed by a shark on a nearby beach.

Dubosc often posted photos of fish and sharks on his Facebook page along with fun facts about them.