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Teenager recruits her current boyfriend to rob her former boyfriend

By Mason White 1:02 PM May 1, 2017
Bianca Schaefer and Kenneth Santiago-Morales
Bianca Schaefer and Kenneth Santiago-Morales
By: Emily Lewis

Police have arrested a teenager and her boyfriend after being accused of breaking into her former boyfriend’s home and stealing items.

According to police in Florida, 19-year-old Bianca Schaefer, asked her current boyfriend, 18-year-old Kenneth Santiago-Morales, to rob her ex-boyfriend’s house.

She told him where to find the cash and the other valuables such as the PlayStation, which she wanted.

Santiago-Morales went to the home on Liggins Street in Kissimmee, in order to commit the robbery at 12:30 p.m., while Schaefer sat in a car nearby.

The victim called the police and stated that he fled from his home after an armed intruder came inside.

The Kissimmee Police Department’s Crisis Negotiation Team and SWAT Team entered the home and determined that the suspect was no longer inside.

The suspect fled with a laptop, a safe, a gun and jewelry, police said. The property was valued at $1,850.

Officers found Schaefer and Santiago-Morales near the home and they were taken into custody as persons of interest.

During questioning, Schafer and Morales denied having anything to do with the crime, but police searched Santiago-Morales’ cellphone and found text messages between the two coordinating the crime.

Santiago-Morales was charged with home invasion and conspiracy to commit home invasion. Schaefer was charged with conspiracy to commit home invasion.