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Teenager shoots and robs his friend before driving him to a waiting ambulance

By Mason White 2:58 PM May 1, 2017
Christian James Sryock
Christian James Sryock
By: Mason White

A teenager was arrested for shooting his friend and robbing him while he was bleeding.

Police in Florida, arrested 19-year-old Christian James Sryock after he called an ambulance to transport his friend to a hospital.

Brandon Scott Raley, 20, of Daytona Beach, was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center, after suffering a gunshot wound to the chest.

Police said that Sryock shot his friend after a drug deal went bad.

Raley and Sryock initially claimed that another man had fired the gun, but detectives determined that their stories did not add up.

Raley eventually admitted to the investigators that Sryock shot him. He said that he and Sryock got into an argument after their plan to sell drugs to someone fell through.

Syrock then shot Raley and took his money while he was on the ground.

The 19-year-old drove away, leaving his friend injured, but he then changed his mind and came back. Syrock began driving his injured friend to the hospital, but he then called an ambulance to take him there.

Raley is being treated and is said to be in stable condition.

Sryock was charged with attempted murder, robbery with a firearm and possession of a firearm by a delinquent. His bail was set at $110,000.