Two men tie woman to tree and shoot her after she stole their drugs and cash

Two men tie woman to tree and shoot her after she stole their drugs and cash

Matthew Armstrong (left) and Nicholas Faulkner
Matthew Armstrong (left) and Nicholas Faulkner
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) Two men were arrested in the gruesome murder of a woman.

An investigation began after a woman walked into a police station in Seminole County, Oklahoma, and told officers that she helped bury a body.

Police learned that 27-year-old Matthew Onesimo Armstrong of Wewoka, and Nicholas Earl Faulkner, 30, killed Nichole Owl.

During the investigation, the men allegedly admitted to tying the victim to a tree after they believed she stole drugs and money from Armstrong.

The men demanded to know where the stolen items were. Owl allegedly told them that she placed the items in a wooded area near Armstrong’s home.

When she told the men that she did not remember the exact location, they tied her to a tree and left her there for a few hours.

When they returned and Owl was still unable to give them the location of the money and drugs, they shot her several times and they left her to die.

Investigators said that Armstrong and Faulkner later returned to the scene with a woman and a bucket of concrete.

They buried Owl's body and then covered her in concrete so that she does not wash up during the upcoming rain storm.

Both men were arrested at Armstrong’s home, and now face charges for the kidnapping and murder.

Armstrong’s father, Jimmy, was also arrested for possession of a firearm by a felon. Matthew Armstrong used his father’s illegal gun in the shooting.