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Uber fined after driver was found to work for them despite not having license

By Mason White 12:51 PM May 2, 2017
Uber (illustration)
Uber (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) Ride sharing companies became a very popular way for people to get around and for drivers to earn extra cash.

While this seems like a win win situation for everyone, it might not always be safe as Uber and Lyft drivers are not regulated.

However, lawmakers are trying to change that by holding these
ride sharing companies responsible.

One way of doing so is by random inspections and giving the companies fines for violations.

The Public Utilities Commission in Denver, Colorado, began to inspect ride-sharing drivers. The inspections are carried out randomly.

In many cases, undercover agents use the ride-sharing apps to call for Uber or Lyft cars. When the drivers arrive, the inspectors carry out surprise inspections.

In one case, they found that an Uber driver did not have a valid driver’s license. This resulted in a $4,300 fine for Uber.

The company said that the driver had a license when he was first hired to work for them.

However, at some point, it was revoked and the company was not notified. As soon as Uber learned from inspectors about the unlicensed driver, he was banned from picking up people.