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Afghan immigrant who grabbed 8 women at beach avoids jail because he was not used to seeing girls in bikinis

By Mason White 1:15 PM May 3, 2017
Beach (illustration)
Beach (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

People in Australia, were surprised with the light sentence handed down to a teenager who groped girls and women at a beach.

The teenager who was visiting Australia from his home country of Afghanistan, found himself in trouble with the law after he was caught touching eight different female victims without consent.

The victims’ ages ranged from 15 to 24. The incident occurred on a beach in Queensland.

According to court records, the unnamed 17-year-old boy spent two hours grabbing random victims on Surfers Paradise Beach.

He touched their breasts, behinds and their genitals.

He was finally stopped after three of the victims told the lifeguard on duty about their sexual abuse. Police were called and the teen was arrested.

Crown prosecutor Nick McGhee said the defendant was seen swimming up to his victims “in quite a predatory manner.”

The teenager pleaded guilty in the juvenile District Court in Southport to nine charges of sexual assault and three charges of common assault.

However, instead of sending him to jail, Judge David Kent took pity on the teen because of his foreign background.

The judge noted that the teen is not used to seeing girls or women in bikinis as revealing clothes are virtually nonexistent in Afghanistan.

The judge also took into consideration that the teenager grew up under difficult circumstances in Afghanistan, and that his father died a few years ago.

The teenager was sentenced to two years probation with no conviction being placed on his record. The teen will have to take a “positive sexuality” course as part of his probation.