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Wife shocked as husband left her for widowed sister-in-law just months after her brother died

By Mason White 12:52 PM May 3, 2017
Chris and Sam Stokes with Allen and Jo Huskisson
Chris and Sam Stokes with Allen and Jo Huskisson
By: Tanya Clark

A woman went public with her heartbreaking story after her husband left her for her sister-in-law.

Chris and Sam Stokes of the United Kingdom, were childhood sweethearts. They were married for 13 years, and they have three children together.

One day, she received text messages from her husband, saying that he was no longer happy in their relationship as they were more friends than husband and wife.

After many back and forth messages, which Sam made public, she told her friends on Facebook that her husband moved out and that she was suspecting that he was cheating.

A friend soon called Sam, to inform her that the “other woman” was Jo Huskisson, her late brother Allan’s widow.

Sam was shocked to learn that her husband was having an affair with her sister-in-law whom she was very close with and “she took Jo under her wings” since Allan’s death.

Sam said that her brother was very much in love with Allan and the two have a child together. When Allan, who had throat cancer, was in a hospice in Walsall, Jo married him.

Sam helped carry out her brother’s dying wish by lending Jo a dress for the wedding.

Sam allowed her husband to help her sister-in-law, but she never expected his caring would turn into a love affair.

Now, Chris, 32, has left Sam and their three children, to be with his sister-in-law.

Sam said that their children are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that their aunt may be their stepmother.

Sam said that despite being betrayed by her husband and Jo who was her best friend, she is focusing on her kids and on the future.