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School finds gold coins inside piano donated to them but cannot find the owner

By Mason White 1:10 PM May 3, 2017
The coins
The coins
By: William Martin

Last year, Graham and Meg Hemmings of the United Kingdom, donated a piano to a school near their home.

The school was happy to accept the piano so students can play with it.

Now, that gift may be much larger than anyone had expected as the piano that was owned by the Hemmings for 33 years, was found to contain a hidden treasure.

British officials said that they have been unable to track down the rightful heirs to the gold coins found hidden inside the piano.

The treasure was discovered after the piano was sent for tuning to an expert in Shropshire.

When piano tuner Martin Backhouse opened the musical instrument, he found a stack of hand-stitched pouches. The pouches contained 913 gold coins minted in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The repairman notified the school of the find and they informed the proper authorities.

John Ellery said that despite a thorough investigation and public appeal for information, officials were unable to locate the heirs of the piano’s original owner.

The gold, which weighs about 13 pounds, has not been formally valued, but officials said that it is potentially worth a life-changing amount.

The gold has since been declared a “treasure.”

When treasures like these are found, they are generally split between the owner, which in this case is Bishop’s Castle Community College, and the repairman who found it.

Meg Hemmings said that she is not bitter about missing a treasure that was right under her nose for three decades.