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2-year-old boy charged with sexually assaulting 35-year-old woman

By Mason White 4:03 PM May 3, 2017
Toddler playing with teddy bear (illustration)
Toddler playing with teddy bear (illustration)
By: Mason White

A corrupt police officer filed a sexual assault charged against a 2-year-old boy in order to get his family to withdraw charges made against the village head, according to police in India.

The Patahi police station filed the sexual assault charge against the 2-year-old boy, claiming that he sexually assaulted 35-year-old Mina Devi.

After a public outcry, the East Champaran district police nullified the charge, and arrested two corrupt police officers who were involved in filing the false report.

The incident began when the village head Sunil Kumar Shah, tied up Ramnarayan Baitha, and beat him up. When Shah learned that Baitha plans to press charges of assault against him, the village head beat him again.

After Baitha filed assault charges, Shah conspired with station house officer (SHO) Narendra Kumar and inspector Kanaiya Prasad to get Baitha to drop the assault charge.

The officers recruited Devi, who filed the sexual assault charge against Baitha’s 2-year-old grandson in order to get him to drop the assault charge against Shah.

Devi is now facing a charge of filing a false police report.