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Police dispatcher caught sleeping on the job after being heard snoring during two 911 calls

By Mason White 12:47 PM May 4, 2017
Jasmin Thomas
Jasmin Thomas
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) People were horrified after seeing photos and hearing recordings of a female dispatcher snoring during two separate 911 calls.

Two photos were also released, showing the woman sleeping in her chair at her desk on different days.

Millions of people depend on 911 operators to get help to them in time of need. On the two occasions, Jasmin Thomas took the 911 calls, but a few seconds after answering the call, she was heard snoring.

In another incident, it took Thomas 10 seconds to answer the call and it took her another 40 seconds to transfer the caller to firefighters to report a burning stove.

Thomas seems to be too overwhelmed with her own life responsibilities that she is too tired to help others when every second counts.

After getting complaints from the public, police conducted an investigation and Thomas was suspended, but the suspension was only for 6 days before she was allowed to return to work.

The Cleveland Police Union President defended Thomas by saying: “Not excuses, but the reality is that she is a single mother who is going to college full-time, and she works up to 60 hours a week.”

He also said that “this experience has led her to change her lifestyle a little bit.”