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Bride calls police after groom paid 200 people to attend his wedding and pretend to be his friends

By Mason White 12:56 PM May 4, 2017
Liu and Wang
Liu and Wang
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) What was supposed to be the happiest day for a bride turned into a nightmare with her groom being led away by police.

The wedding began just fine with the glowing bride who was identified as Liu, and groom named Wang.

They were taking photos and having a good time.

However, while waiting for his parents to arrive, the bride began chatting with the groom’s friends.

She soon realized that the 200 “friends” and “relatives” did not know much about the groom.

She started asking more question when she discovered that they were not friends of the groom as they claimed to be, but total strangers, who were paid to be there.

Some of the wedding guests confessed and produced proof to show that the groom posted a message on social media WeChat, offering a free elegant meal along with 80 yuan (about $12) for anyone attending his wedding.

The message spread quickly on social media and word of mouth.

One cab driver said that after learning about the free food and cash, he gathered five friends from his village and headed to the city for the wedding.

The bride soon learned that the 200 “friends” were mostly students and migrant workers who were looking to make extra cash.

The bride also began suspecting that the groom’s parents who had not yet arrived, were also not his real parents.

The bride’s family was furious and they called police who arrested Wang on suspicion of fraud.

The groom told by police that he had hired “friends” for his wedding because his parents did not approve of him marrying Liu.

However, Liu said that in the several years they had been dating, she never heard about this issue.

Now, she believes that the people she met who Wang claimed to be his parents, were also paid actors.