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Mother pays nephew to kill her daughter after suspecting that she was trying to steal her man

By Mason White 12:36 PM May 4, 2017
Geni Sins, her daughter and Ronaldo Santos
Geni Sins, her daughter and Ronaldo Santos
By: Geni Sins, her daughter and Ronaldo Santos

(Scroll down for video) A mother paid her nephew to kill her young daughter after she suspected that she was trying to steal her man.

Police in Brazil, revealed that 54-year-old Geni Sins, was in an incestuous relationship with her 30-year-old nephew Ronaldo Santos.

Geni became upset when she suspected that her 13-year-old daughter, Francine Matias da Silva Sins, was showing interest in her boyfriend, who is the girl’s first cousin.

The mother asked Santos to kill her daughter and offered to pay him $300 for the murder, but he refused.

Santos told police that one year later, his girlfriend who is also his aunt, asked him once again to kill her daughter. This time, she offered a lot more money.

Geni told her boyfriend that she will pay off the loan on his motorcycle, which was a few thousand dollars, if he killed her daughter. He then agreed.

Santos lured his young cousin to a wooded area in Santa Cruz do Sul, by promising to take her shopping. An autopsy revealed that Santos raped the girl before trying her to a tree and killing her.

Detective Lisandra Carvalho said that Geni’s “motives were not those of a protective mother, but those of a self-obsessed woman who saw her child as a love rival who posed a threat.

“The mother was driven by jealousy to stop what she believed was competition from a younger rival.”

Both Geni and her nephew, who was also her boyfriend, were arrested for the murder after the girl’s body was found.