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Town bans women from using cell phones to prevent them from having sex with men

By Mason White 5:01 PM May 4, 2017
Woman using cell phone (illustration)
Woman using cell phone (illustration)
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) Women who will get caught using a cell phone, will be punished with very large fines or even beatings, according to police in India.

Town elders of Madora in Uttar Pradesh, enacted a new rule, banning women from using cell phones outside of their homes.

The elders released a statement, saying that the new rule was announced due to the fact that many unmarried women were contacting men and having sex with them.

In order to curb illicit relationships, the town elders decided to restrict cell phone usage to make it harder for women to contact men.

Those who violate the rule will get a fine of $325. Repeat offenders could face brutal beatings. The village elders have also banned women from wearing jeans in public.

Police Chief Arun Kumar Singh warned that the new rules are unconstitutional as they restrict the freedoms of women.

Singh said that the police will arrest those who will try to enforce the rule or punish women for talking on cell phones or wearing jeans.