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Delta Airlines agent smacks phone out of boy’s hand

By Mason White 1:51 PM May 5, 2017
Matthew Boggan
Matthew Boggan
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) Over recent months, many people came forward with their disappointing and upsetting incidents they and their family suffered at the hands of U.S. airlines.

One family of Suffern, New York, has filed a lawsuit against Delta Airlines, over their terrible experience.

The family released video, showing the airline worker slapping a phone out of their 12-year-old son Matthew Boggan’s hand.

The video shows the boy recording the female workers, talking to a group of angry passengers. The woman walked over to the boy and smacked the phone out of his hand while telling her not to record.

The incident occurred at Laguardia Airport, where passengers were waiting for a plane to take them to West Palm Beach, Florida. The flight normally takes just 2 and a half hours.

However, the vacation for Boggan, 10 of his family members along with many other families turned into a nightmare when they were left stranded for 17 hours.

Airline workers blamed the “weather and effects of the air on the crew’s ability for the delay,” according to the family.

The family was forced to sleep on the floor in the airport overnight. The boy’s parents have accused the agent of child abuse and are suing the airline. So far, Delta refused to settle with the family. They are looking forward to prove their case in court.