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Wife holds down friend’s 6-month-old girl so that husband could rape her

By Mason White 2:04 PM May 5, 2017
Man holding baby (illustration)
Man holding baby (illustration)
By: Mason White

A cruel man raped a baby after a man posing as a doctor told him that raping a child will help him have children of his own, according to police in Nigeria.

Kano police said that they have arrested the husband and wife after being accused of raping the 6-month old girl.

Both suspects have been charged with rape.

According to the police investigation, the couple were married for several years, but did not have any children.

The couple sought the advice of a man who posed as a doctor, and he told the couple that if the will rape a baby, they will have a child.

The woman then went to her friend’s house and offered to watch her 6-month-old daughter. The friend agreed, and the woman took the child to her home.

The woman then stripped the girl and held her down while the husband raped the child. The baby suffered serious injuries and was taken to the Murtala Muhammad Teaching hospital, where she had surgery.

The 6-month-old girl is recovering at the hospital, and is expected to survive.