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Mother killed for teaching her parrot to curse at her neighbor

By Mason White 1:32 PM May 7, 2017
Ignazio Frailis(left) and Maria Bonaria Contu
Ignazio Frailis(left) and Maria Bonaria Contu
By: Emily Lewis

A man was furious after his neighbor’s pet parrot insulted him every time he passed her home.

The mother of two children in Italy, was stabbed to death by her neighbor after she allegedly trained her parrot to insult him.

46-year-old Ignazio Frailis of Sardinia, was waiting for Maria Bonaria Contu, 60, and attacked her while she was out walking with her friends.

Frailis is accused of stabbing his neighbor 11 times, and wounded a friend who tried to defend her.

Frailis told investigators that he killed Contu because her pet parrot taunted him every time he passed her home.

Officer Eugenio Fatone told the court that the 46-year-old man had previously filed a complaint over the harassment he was suffering from the bird.

Frailis, who was unemployed, spent much of his time at home, where he could hear the parrot.

The officer told the court that he “spoke to both sides and had suggested that Contu put the parrot in a different room, not facing Frailis’ house.”

However, after she did not stop the parrot from harassing him, Frailis killed her.

The judge has ordered a mental health evaluation for the suspect. Magistrate Paolo De Angelis said: “I don’t exclude mental problems. However, even the worst parrot in the world does not justify this.”