Father and daughter kill their neighbor for slashing their football that landed in her yard

Father and daughter kill their neighbor for slashing their football that landed in her yard

Kelly Machin (left) and Natalie Bollen
Kelly Machin (left) and Natalie Bollen
By: William Martin  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A woman of the United Kingdom, was brutally beaten and killed over a football.

The woman died after being attacked by 28-year-old Natalie Bollen and her father, 48-year-old William Jelly, both of Leicester.

After a 10-day trial at the Leicester Crown Court, a jury of six men and six women, found the father and daughter guilty of manslaughter.

The court heard how 34-year-old Kelly Machin, was fed up with balls belonging to Bollen’s children constantly being thrown over her fence and landing in her garden.

Prosecutor William Harbage said that Machin was having problems with Bollen, who lived two doors down from her house for several months.

She spoke with Bollen, a mother of four children, about her concerns. However, when things did not change, a frustrated Machin took a knife and slashed a football that once again landed in her garden.

Machin then threw the busted ball back over her fence to Bollen’s children. Bollen became furious over the slashed ball.

She and her father went to Machin’s home, where they beat her up.

Machin called police to report that she was afraid of her neighbors. When her friend opened the door to confront the father and daughter, they pushed their way passed her and went into the home, where they assaulted the victim.

Bollen punched the victim in the head three times, while her father shoved Machin, causing her to fall and hit a coffee table, the court heard.

Machin was taken to a hospital with injuries to her rib and back before being discharged. She died a few days later in her home from internal bleeding.

The father and daughter are facing jail time when they are sentenced next month.

Bollen is being held without bail while awaiting sentencing. Her father was taken to a hospital after he collapsed in the courtroom.