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Man suing American Airlines for suffering serious injuries after being seated next to two grossly obese passengers

By Mason White 3:51 PM May 8, 2017
Michael Anthony Taylor
Michael Anthony Taylor
By: William Martin

A man filed a lawsuit against American Airlines for seating him next to two “grossly obese” people.

Michael Anthony Taylor of Australia, is seeking more than AUD $100,000 (about $74,000) for his suffering.

Taylor flew from Sydney, Australia, to Los Angeles, California, which is a 14 hour flight. Taylor sat in the economy-seat next to the window seat. Two overweight passengers sat in the seats next to him.

Due to their weight, Taylor claimed that their body fat “spilled over and encroached” upon his seat. Taylor said that this forced him to “contort his body into a series of positions, including standing up, crouching, keeling and leaning forward.”

Taylor, who suffered from preexisting spinal curvature, claimed that he suffered severe back injuries and neck pain due to the uncomfortable positions.

Taylor’s attorney Thomas Jansen, said his client reportedly asked the crew members to change seats, but they declined his requests.