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Woman jailed for shooting at 14-year-old boy who was having sex with dog

By Mason White 5:34 PM May 8, 2017
Kerrie Lenkerd
Kerrie Lenkerd
By: Alexis Bell

A woman found herself locked up behind bars after shooting in the direction of a teen who was having sex with a dog, according to police in Arkansas.

Centerton police said that they have arrested 40-year-old Kerrie Lenkerd, after being accused of confronting the 14-year-old boy and shooting in his direction to scare him away from the dog.

Lenkerd has been charged with one count of aggravated assault. The teen has also been arrested. He was charged with two counts of bestiality.

Lenkerd has been booked into the Benton County Detention Center, and her bail has been set at $5,000. She was ordered to stay away from the boy and has been prohibited to possess firearms.

According to the police investigation, when Lenkerd looked out the window of her bedroom , she saw the teenager, who was wearing just a t-shirt and shorts, sexually assaulting her neighbor’s dog.

Since this was not the first time that she saw the teen having sex with the dog, she decided to confront him. She grabbed her gun and confronted the teenager.

When the teenager saw Lenkerd with a gun, he jumped over a fence. At that point, Lenkerd fired a shot into the grass to scare the teenager.

Witnesses at the scene told police that they heard a loud gunshot and saw the teenager running away.