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Male football coach surprises students by revealing that he was born was woman

By Mason White 4:10 PM May 9, 2017
Karl Lightner
Karl Lightner
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) The coach of a boy’s football team took the courage to share a personal secret with his students.

37-year-old Karl Lightner, coaches the Portland Community Football Club.

Students loved and admired him as he inspired them to reach their goals and go for their dreams.

During a recent trip to Washington D.C., Lightner called his team from a meeting, during which he shared a very personal aspect of his life.

He called the kids for a meeting and said: “One of the things that I realized is that we ask a lot of you guys to show up, be yourselves, be who you are and get to be better players.

“I haven’t totally shared with you something about myself that is kind of important that some of you may or may not know.”

Lightner then announced that he is transgender and that he was born a girl.

He spoke about his struggles while growing up. He also told his team of students, who are mostly minorities, that some of them think that because he is white, he had privilege and “cruised through life easily.”

However, he said that life for him was not easy as he struggled with his gender identity. Lightner urged students to respect one another as one never knows what other people are going through.

The video of the announcement was uploaded to the Internet, where it was shared more than 59,000 times.