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Woman jailed for playing Ed Sheeran songs too loudly and disturbing neighbors

By Mason White 4:17 PM May 9, 2017
Sonia Bryce and Ed Sheeran
Sonia Bryce and Ed Sheeran
By: Emily Lewis

A woman of the United Kingdom, who is a big fan of Ed Sheeran, was jailed for repeatedly playing his music too loud.

36-year-old Sonia Bryce of Willenhall, especially likes “Shape Of You” by Edward Christopher AKA Ed Sheeran, who is a well-known singer-songwriter, actor, and guitarist.

However, her neighbors were very annoyed when she replayed the song many times on high volume.

Neighbors filed a complaint with their landlords at Walsall Housing Group Ltd. They then ordered Bryce to stop creating a nuisance or annoyance to other residents.

After breaching the order, police were called. Bryce, a mother of three children, was found guilty of causing nuisance. She was ordered to stop playing music loudly and was sentenced to 6 weeks in prison.

However, the unemployed woman did not seem to have learned her lesson. She continued playing Ed Sheeran’s music loudly.

Her neighbors, Clare and Jonathan Tidmarsh and their five kids, were horrified by the continuous noise. They installed surveillance videos to prove their case and to show the court how the music was disturbing them.

Clare, who works as a nurse, said that she used to love listening to Ed Sheeran’s music, but since the harassment from her neighbor, she removed his songs from her playlist.

With the evidence in hand, the couple called police and Bryce was arrested again.

Judge Philip Gregory sentenced Bryce to 8 weeks jail. She now also faces eviction.

During sentencing, Gregory said: “You have displayed nothing but violent animosity towards your neighbor.

“I am quite convinced that you do not care about the effect that your behavior is having on the perfectly decent and respectable people next door.

“Everyone is entitled to live in a degree of peace and quiet with the usual give and take of society, but you do not behave like a civilized person.”