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Multiple men accuse Seattle Mayor of paying them for sex

By Mason White 2:45 PM May 9, 2017
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) Several men have come forward to complain that a city mayor has had sex with them in exchange for cash, according to court documents filed in Washington.

44-year-old Maurice Jones told the King County Superior Court, that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, 64, paid him money for sex when he was a teen.

Jones claimed in his lawsuit that Murray was known to patronize child prostitutes.

Jones told the judge that he was introduced to the mayor by 46-year-old Delvonn Heckard, who accused the mayor of sexually abusing him as a child.

Jeff Simpson and Lloyd Anderson also made allegation against Murray.

Jones wrote in the handwritten complaint that Murray paid him for sex at least twice, once at the mayor’s apartment and once in a car.

Jones declared that he is not part of a right wing conspiracy, and admitted that he was gay.

Murray denied all the allegations, saying that the accusation were made against because he is the first gay mayor who advocated for the rights of the LGBT community.

Murray also declared that he never paid a child for sex. As a result of the allegations, Murray might pull out of the race for reelection.

Murray is married to his husband Michael Shiosaki.