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American citizen arrested in the Philippines for recording sexual abuse of children and selling videos online

By Mason White 11:20 AM May 10, 2017
David Timothy Deakin
David Timothy Deakin
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) Police in the Philippines, have arrested an American citizen and they confiscated many videos that allegedly shows kids being sexually abused.

After a long investigation, police arrested 53-year-old David Timothy Deakin, who is originally from Peoria, Illinois.

He was charged with cyber crime, child pornography, child abuse and child trafficking.

Deakin, who has been in the Philippines since 2000, is accused of forcing young girls and boys to engage in sexual activity with one another.

He then sold videos to other pedophiles in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Police found children’s underwear, toddler shoes, cameras, and bondage cuffs and drugs in Deakin’s two-bedroom townhouse, where the sexual abuse took place.

Police confiscated a number of computers and 30 hard drives from the home.

Sadly, “webcam sex tourism” is spreading rapidly. This entails pedophiles watching live as babies and children are being sexually abused while they direct what should be done to the victims.

The UN is concerned over the “alarming growth of new forms of child sexual exploitation online.” The FBI said that it is an epidemic, and that about 750,000 child predators are online.

Police said that they will review the evidence in order to track down the other suspects and the victims so that they can get help.