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Prankster places live chickens on train during rush hour and runs off

By Mason White 4:16 PM May 10, 2017
The chickens on the train
The chickens on the train
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) Transit authorities in Australia, are looking for a man who abandoned two chickens on a train during rush hour.

People were stunned when the man placed the two chickens on the floor of the train in Sydney, and ran off.

The white silky and Rhode Island red chickens were abandoned at the Mascot station on Tuesday.

A man and a woman became concerned over the welfare of the birds as it was a crowded train and they were afraid that people will trample the birds.

The kindhearted couple rescued the chickens and they held the chickens for the next two stops until they reached Central Station.

They then handed the chickens over to a New South Wales (NSW) Trainlink employee, who then made a makeshift chicken coop.

Authorities asked the owner of the chickens to come forward. If the owner fails to claim the birds within a reasonable amount of time, they will be placed in a farm.