Woman freaks out after finding a squirrel in her toilet

Amanda Boiles’ husband rescuing the squirrel
Amanda Boiles’ husband rescuing the squirrel
By: Alexis Bell  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A woman called a friend for help after finding a squirrel inside her toilet.

The woman of Texas, was terrified when she found the squirrel that somehow ended up trapped inside her toilet.

She closed the toilet lid, placed something on top so that the animal cannot escape and called her friend for help.

Amanda Boiles, who posted the video of the rescue to YouTube, said that she and her husband were getting ready for church on Sunday morning, when their friend called and asked for help with the unusual intruder.

The video shows Boiles’ husband, dressed in his fine clothes, wearing gloves and venturing into the bathroom in their friend’s apartment.

The man carefully picked up the lid, and removed a soaked and apparently tired squirrel.

“He's throwing poop water on me,” the man said as he and his wife laughed.

Boiles’ husband took the squirrel outside and set it free. He placed it next to a tree and the squirrel immediately ran up.