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8-year-old boy saves life of his choking mother a month after his father died in a crash

By Mason White 11:43 AM May 11, 2017
Michael O'Brien Jr. with his mother
Michael O’Brien Jr. with his mother
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A boy saved his mother’s life after she began choking less than a month after he lost his father in a car crash.

8-year-old Michael O’Brien Jr., of Middleboro, Massachusetts, was sitting on the couch at his home when his mother began choking.

Marie Hunt said that she made oatmeal muffins for her son before he went to school, and when she tasted one, she began choking and was unable to speak.

She was able to get the attention of her son who is in the second grade.

O’Brien said that he tried to stay calm for his mother’s sake. He called 911 and he asked the dispatcher to send help quickly.

O’Brien said that he lost his father recently, and he was really afraid of losing his mother as well. O’Brien is grateful that he was home and was able to help save his mother.

The boy’s father, 34-year-old Michael O’Brien Sr., was tragically killed in a single-car crash.