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Grandmother known as ‘the cookie lady’ gives marijuana cookies to 4 young girls at pub

By Mason White 1:03 PM May 11, 2017
Lesley Collins
Lesley Collins
By: Mason White

A drunk grandmother fed drug laced cookies to multiple young girls who were out with their friends at a pub, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Grimsby police said that they have arrested 61-year-old Lesley Collins, after being accused of giving the marijuana cookies to four 12-year-old girls.

In court, Collins pleaded guilty to one count of supplying cannabis. Judge David Tremberg of the Grimsby Crown Court, sentenced Collins to a six-month suspended prison term.

She was also ordered to enroll in a 10-day rehabilitation program.

According to the criminal complaint, Collins was known in the neighborhood as “the cookie lady” as she kept a stash of marijuana cookies in her home.

On the day of the incident, Collins baked a batch of cookies that were laced with marijuana. Collins drank alcohol and ate several marijuana cookies before going to the Corporation Arms pub on Freeman Street.

When she noticed a group of young girls, Collins told them that she was a grandmother and gave them marijuana cookies. Four girls ate the cookies.

One of the girls was rushed to a hospital after feeling dizzy and sick. Another girl told police that the cookie tasted sweet and disgusting at the same time.