New father punched wife while giving birth in hospital maternity ward

Pregnant woman (illustration)
Pregnant woman (illustration)
By: William Martin

A new father flew into a rage and attacked his wife while she was in labor giving birth to their child, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Whitchurch police said that they have arrested 24-year-old Myles Davies, after being accused of punching and kicking his wife during and after the delivery of their newborn baby.

In court, Davies pleaded guilty to common assault and assault causing actual bodily harm. Judge Peter Barrie of the Shrewsbury Crown Court, has given Davies a two-year community order.

The judge issued an indefinite restraining order, prohibiting Davies from having any contact with his wife for the rest of her life.

Davies will only be allowed to spend time with his child under supervision.

According to the criminal complaint, Davies and the victim have been in a relationship for some time, and she got pregnant.

When the victim went into a labor, she was taken to the Princess Royal Hospital. During the delivery, Davies punched the new mother on the shoulder.

Police were called and a report was taken, but Davies was not arrested.

The following morning, Davies punched and kicked the victim because he could not sleep the entire night due to the sounds of the baby was making.

The new mother suffered bruising to her body and a broken wrist.