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Girlfriend who rejected marriage proposal from boyfriend stabbed him to death for proposing to her friend

By Mason White 10:28 AM May 12, 2017
Boma Mac-Pepple and Nathan Okojaja
Boma Mac-Pepple and Nathan Okojaja
By: Tanya Clark

A woman flew into a rage after her boyfriend proposed marriage to her friend after she rejected his request, according to police in Nigeria.

Rivers police said that they are looking to arrest Boma Mac-Pepple, after being accused of killing her boyfriend, Nathan Okojaja.

She faces one count of murder.

According to the police investigation, Mac-Pepple volunteered to sing in a church choir while Okojaja worked as an usher to the priest.

The two became friends and eventually, Okojaja proposed marriage to Mac-Pepple. Mac-Pepple rejected his request.

Okojaja decided to move on in life and proposed to Mac-Pepple’s friend who he also knew from church. When Mac-Pepple learned about the marriage proposal to the other woman, she flees into a rage.

On Monday around 10:30 p.m., Mac-Pepple went to Okojaja’s apartment, where she stabbed him to death. She then fled from the scene.

On Facebook, Mac-Pepple claimed that Okojaja was a criminal and a cultist, and deserved to be in prison.