Married teacher commits suicide in front of police who accused her of having relationship with student

Gretchen Krohnfeldt
Gretchen Krohnfeldt
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) Students at a middle school in Colorado, were shocked to learn about the death of a longtime teacher.

The middle school teacher, who was a married mother of three children, was found dead in her home one day after she was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a former student.

Police were called to investigate the alleged relationship between 47-year-old Gretchen Krohnfeldt and her former student, who is now in high school.

Krohnfeldt had worked in Jefferson County since 1993, teaching social studies and English. Before this incident, she was an eighth-grade teacher of social studies at Drake Middle School.

Officers said that Krohnfeldt committed suicide as police approached her home to interview her about the alleged sex abuse case.

Krohnfeldt was placed on administrative leave after a resource officer told school officials that he saw her engaged in inappropriate behavior with the high school student.

The resource officer allegedly saw the teacher and student together a few months earlier, but only reported it this week.

Krohnfeldt was pronounced dead at her home in Arvada, around 1:00 p.m. Police did not say how she committed suicide.

Police blocked off the eighth grade classroom, where they collected evidence as they are continuing their investigation into the alleged sexual relationship. They also want to determine if there were any other victims involved.