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Walmart employee commits robbery while on break

By Mason White 10:52 AM May 12, 2017
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) While most people use their work break to relax, one man used his time to rob a woman.

Police were called after 25-year-old Anthony Lee, stole the woman’s phone and then drove away with the victim hanging onto his vehicle.

The incident occurred in Ormond Beach, Florida, while Lee was on break at his job in Walmart.

According to police, Lee broke into his former girlfriend’s home and stole her cell phone.

The woman was angry about the theft and she did not want to let him go. She jumped onto the hood of the car in order to stop him from leaving.

Lee did not care. He just drove off with the woman hanging onto his vehicle. Witnesses told police that Lee drove in circles in an attempt to get the woman off his car.

When she failed to fall off, he drove to a bank with the woman clinging to the hood of the car. When he stopped, the woman finally got off and called police.

Lee drove for about 8 miles with the victim on his car. He was arrested on felony home invasion robbery and assault with intention to commit a felony. His bail was set at $15,000.