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Pet owner ties bag of cement around dog’s neck and throws it into water

By Mason White 10:25 AM May 12, 2017
Bag of cement tied to dog
Bag of cement tied to dog
By: Mason White

An evil pet owner decided to get rid of his dog by throwing it into a canal, according to police in the United Kingdom.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is investigating after the body of the dog was pulled out of the canal with a rucksack filled with cement tied to its neck.

The body was found in the canal on Litherland Road, in Bootle, Liverpool, on Saturday.

The dog, a dark-colored male Staffordshire bull terrier, was hauled out of the canal by an RSPCA inspector with help of six members of the public.

The dog was taken to the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, where an examination showed that it had been in good condition right before death.

The dog had short nails, which indicated that it was being walked, and fresh feces showed that it had eaten before death.

RSPCA inspector Helen Smith said: “The vet who looked at him noted that he had bloodshot eyes and fresh blood in his mouth, which indicates strangulation.

“We can’t say for certain how the dog died, or whether he was alive when he was thrown into the canal. If he was dead when he was thrown in, it would have taken at least two people to get him in there as the dog was heavy, as was the rucksack.

“He could have also been walked down there alive, thrown into the canal and choked by the weight around his neck.

“Sadly, it does seem suspicious, so we are keen for anyone who has any information or who saw any suspicious activity around the area to contact us at 0300 123 8018.”