Illegal immigrant caught with 10,000 marijuana seeds while trying to plant them in Giant Sequoia National Monument

Marijuana plant (illustration)
Marijuana plant (illustration)
By: William Martin

An illegal immigrant from Mexico, was plotting to plant marijuana in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, according to police in California.

A federal grand jury indicted Rosario Beltran-Leal, 43, a Mexican citizen residing in Delano, with conspiring to manufacture, distribute and possess with intent to distribute and manufacturing marijuana in the federally designated Giant Sequoia National Monument in Tulare County in the Sequoia National Forest, United States Attorney Phillip A. Talbert announced.

According to court documents, Beltran was found delivering 10,000 marijuana seeds at a drop point in a marijuana cultivation site in a remote area closed to the public in the Giant Sequoia National Monument.

He was also in possession of a large quantity of food and marijuana cultivation supplies. If convicted, Beltran faces a maximum statutory penalty of 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine.