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16-year-old social media queen puts pet pig in microwave

By Mason White 9:50 AM May 14, 2017
Vitoria Muller puts pig in microwave
Vitoria Muller puts pig in microwave
By: Mason White

A social media queen who had lot of followers in her home country of Brazil, came under heavy criticism after recording a video of herself placing her pet into a microwave.

16-year-old Vitoria Muller, posted many pictures and videos of herself on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to the delight of her hundreds of thousands of followers.

This week, Muller was dared by her friends to microwave her guinea pig and record a video of the cruel act. Muller did exactly as she was told and uploaded the video of the attack on Twitter.

The video shows the pig inside the microwave as Muller turned it on. Muller is then heard laughing in the background before turning off the microwave.

The video quickly went viral on social media, and people called on police to arrest the girl for animal cruelty.

When #PunicaoParaVictoria – or punishment for Vitoria – started trending on Twitter, Muller deleted all her social media accounts.

When police learned about the cruel act, they seized the pet pig.

It was taken to a vet, who confirmed that the pig was unharmed. Muller’s father has apologized on behalf of his daughter.

The father took his daughter to the police station, where Muller confessed to the crime. The father told police that he has punished his daughter.