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Boyfriend raped and killed girlfriend before throwing body to dogs because she refused to marry him

By Mason White 8:48 AM May 15, 2017
Young woman at beach (illustration)
Young woman at beach (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) Two men brutally attacked a woman because she refused to marry her boyfriend, according to police in India.

Sonipat police said that they have arrested two men identified as Sumit and Vikas, after being accused of raping the 23-year-old woman, and killing her.

Both suspects were charged with murder and rape.

According to the police investigation, Sumit dated the young woman for some time. Recently, Sumit proposed to the woman, but she rejected his request.

Sumit became angry and plotted to kill her. One day, Sumit and Vikas kidnapped the woman and drove her to another city. The two men raped the woman and then smashed her face with a brick.

They then dumped the body in a wooded area in the presence of wild dogs. By the time police found the body, it was partially eaten by the dogs.