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Couple and two kids kicked off JetBlue flight after their birthday cake was deemed a security risk

By Mason White 4:27 PM May 15, 2017
Minta Burke with her children
Minta Burke with her children
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A surprise birthday trip turned into a nightmare for a family after they were thrown off a JetBlue flight.

Minta Burke and her two children of New Jersey, were very excited when her husband Cameron, surprised them with a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, to celebrate Minta’s 40th birthday.

Minta wore a crown as she sat in the center seat with her two children beside her.

The family had placed the buttercream birthday cake in the overhead compartment. However, a flight attendant warned that the cake caused a security risk and that it cannot stay there.

There had been some back and forth between the couple and the flight attended over the placement of the cake before Cameron placed the cake under his seat.

In a video of the incident that went viral, the couple’s children, 7-year-old Cameron Jr. and 9-year-old Camille, were seen crying as they became distraught over the incident.

The couple appeared to be calm and complying with flight attendants.

Soon, the situation escalated when two flight attendants got into an argument over the incident. Cameron then asked one of them if she was drunk as he said that she acted irrational.

This seemed to have sparked an overreaction from the airline.

Two Port Authority officers were called to remove the Burke family, but they deemed that there was “no wrongdoing” on the couple’s part and therefore, they left without incident.

However, things did not end there. The flight attendant soon ordered the family to get off the plane.

Their tickets were immediately refunded at the gate. Cameron said that he intends to bring a lawsuit against the airline.