Father sits in teenage son’s class after receiving numerous calls from teacher over his misconduct

 Brad Howard with his father
Brad Howard with his father
By: Tanya Clark  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A father showed tough love to his son when he repeatedly misbehaved in class.

The Texas father sat in his son's class after receiving a series of messages from his son’s teacher about his bad behavior.

According to the father, 17-year-old Brad Howard “likes to be the life of the party, which gets him in trouble from time to time.”

The parents received a series of reports from his physics teacher that he was misbehaving in his morning class.

Finally, the father told Brad that if he got another call about him acting up in school, he would make a special visit to sit next to him during class.

On Friday, on his only day off, his wife woke him up and told him it was time to accompany their son to school. The father decided to make good on his promise and went to school.

Despite his father's warnings, Brad said he did not expect to see his father standing at his desk.

The father took a selfie, which his daughter Molli @mollih04 uploaded to Twitter, and it went viral.

“My dad told my brother if he got another call from the physics teacher complaining he would go sit in his class. Dad got another call,” she wrote.