Swingers club located next to Christian school is registered as a church

Swingers club located next to Christian school is registered as a church

By: William Martin  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) People in a close knit community were outraged when they learned that a swingers club was operating under the guise of a church.

Undercover inspectors went to the church in Nashville, Tennessee, after there was more frequent activity at the church late at night on Friday at Saturday.

They found that the company operating the church invited people to join the “services” for $40.

The undercover inspectors paid the fee and entered the church, where they witnessed consenting adults having sex with one another while other people watched them in the acts.

The city’s code inspectors noted in their report that there was sexual activity throughout the building.

The inspectors found that the church has been turned into a swingers club with beds that had foot and hand rests. Some rooms had partial walls allowing for anyone to watch the sex acts.

According to city officials, two years ago, the TSC swinger's club
bought the church building and wanted to move the swingers club into it, but neighbors protested as the church building is located next to a Christian school and other churches.

Legislation was passed to keep the sex club out. The owners then announced that he will use the building as a church that was open to members only.

However, the owners have now received a stop work order as the swingers club is in violation of its permit to operate as a church.