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Women who conceived through IVF take paternity tests after their children look like owner of sperm bank

By Mason White 8:47 AM May 15, 2017
Jan Karbaat
Jan Karbaat
By: Emily Lewis

Multiple women across the Netherlands, are taking paternity tests after they noticed that their children look like the owner of the sperm bank, which they used as part of their infertility treatments.

89-year-old Jan Karbaat ran the Medisch Centrum Bijdorp in Barendrecht.

The health department of the Netherlands, issued an order to shut the clinic on suspicion that Karbaat illegally mixed donor sperm in order to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Karbaat died last month.

The mothers of about 60 children who were treated at the clinic filed a motion in court to get a DNA sample of Karbaat, after they noticed that their children looked similar to the sperm bank owner.

They plan to use the DNA sample for paternity testing. It is illegal to use the same donor’s sperm for more than 6 children.

Some mothers told the court that their children’s eye color did not match the donor profile.

The women said that they feel like they have been raped by Karbaat, who used his sperm for treatment without their consent.

One of the mothers, Moniek Wassenaar, claimed that Karbaat admitted to her that he used his own sperm to successfully impregnate at least 60 women.

Karbaat allegedly said that he was doing a noble thing because he was intelligent and in good health, making his sperm perfect to share with the world.

Officials have already seized a toothbrush from Karbaat’s home for potential testing. Before his death, Karbaat denied the allegations, but he refused to provide a DNA sample.

He also called those who suspected that he fathered the children “insane.”