Bus driver on cigarette break spots rabbit with apparent cigarette in its mouth

Rabbit with apparent cigarette
Rabbit with apparent cigarette
By: Mason White  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A bus driver was shocked when a rabbit joined him while he was on his cigarette break at an airport, according to photos that were uploaded to the Internet.

45-year-old Michael Keating of Ballymun, Ireland, works as a bus driver at the Dublin Airport.

One afternoon, when the father of three children enjoyed a cigarette in the parking lot at the Dublin Airport, he spotted the bunny with what appeared to be a cigarette in its mouth.

Keating said that he always sees rabbits running around in the area while on his lunch break, but this was the first time that he saw one joining him.

Keating quickly grabbed his camera and took photos of the bunny with the object sticking out of its mouth. Other people gathered and laughed at the funny rabbit.

Keating cannot say that the object with definitely a cigarette as the rabbit quickly left the area.