American Muslim woman harassed by woman who she allowed to cut in line at supermarket checkout

The blond haired woman
The blond haired woman
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A woman’s good deed backfired after she was harassed by a hater.

Jeremy McLellan, a friend of the American born Muslim woman, posted the video of the exchange to Facebook.

The incident unfolded at the Trader Joe's store in Reston, Virginia, when the American Muslim woman allowed a blond haired woman to go ahead of her in line as she was in a rush.

However, instead of being grateful, the blond haired woman began belittled the Muslim woman.

According to McLellan, the blond haired woman made a derogatory comment about another Muslim customer, who was wearing a niqab, which covered her entire face except for the eyes.

The blond haired woman then asked the Muslim woman why she was not wearing a niqab, to which she replied that it was a choice.

At that point, the Muslim woman began recording the conversation between the two.

The Muslim woman can be heard, saying “I shouldn't have let you in front of me.”

The blond haired woman replied: “I wish they didn't let you in the country,” to which the Muslim woman responded that she was born in the United States.

The blond haired woman then proceeded to tell the Muslim woman that “Obama is not in office anymore. We don't have a Muslim in here anymore.”

“No he is not, I wish he was,” the Muslim woman replied. “He is gone, he may be in jail soon, too, in the future,” the blond woman said.

The Muslim woman responded by saying “You look a little crazy, maybe you need to get some help. Normal people don't strike up conversations like that with people in line."

The blond haired woman insisted that she “very normal.”