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Gucci company forces family named Gucci to change family owned restaurant’s name

By Mason White 2:09 PM May 16, 2017
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By: William Martin

A family opened a restaurant and proudly named it Gucci, which is their family name.

Fabio, Barbara, Laura and Martina Gucci opened the Gucci Doc RistoBistro in Tuscany, Italy, in 2016.

Things were going great until the family received a letter from the famous Gucci company, ordering them to change their name as it was “misleading.”

The Gucci family responded to the lawsuit by explaining that the name Gucci was not chosen at random, but it is their family name.

They also explained that they are not located in a famous neighborhood such as Milan or Rome, but rather in their little town of Prato, which is not well-known or a tourist area.

However, the Gucci company refused to back down. “They were not interested in our motive and they were only concerned about misunderstandings that the name could cause to their business, the Gucci family said.

Unfortunately for the family, they did not have enough money to fight for the right to use their family name for their business.

“We wanted to take things further, but because of the time, money and stress of a lawsuit, we begrudgingly decided to give up and they got what they wanted,” the frustrated Gucci family said.

The restaurant changed its name to “GI Doc RistoBistro” after Gucci agreed to split the cost of new outdoor signs and business cards.

The family took to Facebook to explain to their customers the reason behind the name change and they received a lot of support.

Ivan Ci wrote: “This story really makes me go crazy go ahead with the lawsuit, don’t be afraid to use your last name! In fact, asks them to change their brand as they are using your name and Fame!!”

Many people said that they will go into the restaurant to show their love and support to the Gucci family.

In addition to selling luxury and leather goods, Gucci runs three cafes of its own in Florence and Milan, Italy, as well as in Tokyo, Japan, and in Shanghai, China.

However, reviewers on travel rating site TripAdvisor, ranked the GI bistro higher than the Gucci-run eateries.

The Gucci family run restaurant has a 4.5 rating while Gucci eateries were rated four stars each.