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Man kills himself in front of cops after he shot his teenage ex-girlfriend who is the mother of his son

By Mason White 1:51 PM May 16, 2017
Larissa Barros and Kai Williams
Larissa Barros and Kai Williams
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A little boy will grow up without any of his parents after his father killed his mother and then committed suicide.

Police were called to a home Poinciana, Florida, by 18-year-old Larissa Barros.

She told dispatchers that her ex-boyfriend, 20-year-old Kai Williams, was breaking into her house while she was home alone.

Barros and Williams have a 15-month-old son together, but there has been a history of domestic abuse and Barros had a restraining order against him.

When police arrived, they found Barros dead in her house. An officer then spotted the suspect walking outside not far from the murder scene.

As the officer approached Williams, he pointed the gun at himself and pulled the trigger. Williams died of a self inflicted gunshot wound, police said.

Barros was weeks away from graduating from Liberty High School and had been accepted into Florida State University.

According to court records, about eight months ago, Williams
slashed the tires of his ex-girlfriend’s car while it was parked outside the high school they both attended. Days later, he set the vehicle on fire.

At that point, William was ordered to stay away from the victim.

Three months later, he was arrested again for violating the order by trying to contact her. He was charged with aggravated stalking.

Since then, Barros had not filed any complaints against him. Sadly, now he killed the young mother.