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Teacher giving Quran lessons follows girl into elevator and gropes her breasts because he liked her

By Mason White 4:49 PM May 16, 2017
Girl alone in the woods (illustration)
Girl alone in the woods (illustration)
By: Mason White

A man who was harassing people to hire him for private Quran lessons, followed a girl into an apartment building elevator, where he sexually assaulted her, according police in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai police said that they have arrested the 33-year-old man after being accused of groping the girl’s breasts because he liked her.

The suspect, who was not identified, pleaded not guilty to one count of sexual molestation at the Dubai Court of First Instance.

The suspect told Judge Urfan Omar, that he did not touch the girl.

According to the police investigation, the suspect was known to harass residents to hire him for private lessons. On Sunday, the teacher stood outside the victim’s apartment building and handed out business cards to passersby.

When he saw the girl, he followed her into the apartment building and into the elevator. When the doors closed, the suspect groped the girl’s breasts.

The girl shouted, alerting her neighbors and parents who called the police.

During questioning, the suspect told police that he liked the girl so he gave her his business card in case she would like to call him for sex.