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Driver runs out of car on busy highway and shoots it while screaming ‘people are after me’

By Mason White 4:30 PM May 17, 2017
Man shooting gun (illustration)
Man shooting gun (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A driver panicked and ran out of his car, thinking that people are out to get him, according to police in South Carolina.

The North Charleston Police Department said that the driver was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation after acting erratically on a busy highway.

According to the police investigation, on Monday around 7:00 a.m., the driver was traveling on Interstate 526, where he stopped his vehicle.

Witnesses told police that the man was screaming “people are out to get me” and fire several shots at his own vehicle. The driver then ran away from the scene towards the woods.

While running into the woods, he dropped his weapon.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, waited at the side of the road, and when the driver came out of the woods to retrieve his weapon, he was detained.

So far, no charges have been filed. The driver remains in the hospital.